Our Members

Scott Hauswirth, OD, FAAO

Dr. Hauswirth is an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where he is coordinating Director of the Ocular Surface Center, and a key leader in the development of the collaborative care model within the Department of Ophthalmology. He is a founding member of the Intrepid Eye Society.

He graduated from the Southern California College of Optometry with honors and completed his residency in Cornea, Glaucoma, and Surgical Management at Minnesota Eye Consultants in Minneapolis, MN. He went on to practice for seventeen years as a consultative optometrist with Minnesota Eye Consultants, where he led the optometric externship program, mentoring future optometrists in their last year of clinical training. He was also active in numerous research projects, and was instrumental in the development of their dry eye program.

He is on the editorial board of five publications including the Journal of Dry Eye Disease, and has authored several journal articles, publications, and texts. He is active in the Academy of Optometry and has twice been an invited lecturer for the Anterior Segment Symposium Section, lecturing on the impacts of drug delivery on ocular surface disease and corneal neuropathic pain in dry eye.

He is currently leading research in meibomian gland dysfunction, corneal neuropathic pain, and immunologic pathways of dry eye disease at the University of Colorado, and is medical advisor for Terrapin Ocular and TearRestore, in addition to having multiple consultative roles for various pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the eye care industry.  He was selected as one of the Primary Care Optometry News 250 Innovators in Optometry in 2016.